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Monday, April 04, 2005

At Midnight on April 2nd the new Star Wars Revenge of the Sith toys were released world wide. I went with a couple of my fellow Star Wars fans Carlos, Bobby, and Mike to a midnight release at Toys R Us. Here is a picture of my goodies I scored.

Click Image for Large Size

I almost found all of the new 3 3/4 inch figures and here was my check off list. Star Wars Check List

Click Image for Large Size

I just finished in-putting my new figures in my Star Wars Figure database which is now up to 515 MOC (Mint On Card). I have been collecting Star Wars figures since 1994/1995, so it is sorta nice and sorta sad that my collecting days are coming to a close. Here are some funny pictures that Mike took while the big day was going down.

Star Wars Fest 2005 Pictures

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