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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Last week I saw Two GREAT darn shows. Slayer and The Beastie Boys.

SLAYER: Concord Pavilion August 23rd

First off it was NICE and LOUD just the way it should be, I think
the 52 Marshall Full Stacks helped with the sound level.  I almost
missed the first song because I was getting nachos and a coke.
Right after I got my order of Nachos with extra Jalapenos, I could
hear Slayers Guitars shredding, so I ran down to the floor.
The mosh pit was OK, a lot of "youngsters"... I figure they are still
learning how to mosh (I wussed out and stood the whole show).
It seemed most of the Slayer Fans were OLD and BUSTED like me, and the
Manson fans were the young whipper snappers with painted faces and
Hot Topic Gear. What topped off the show was when HUGE upside down
crosses made from 10 Marshall full stacks came down from the ceiling
(as seen in the below picture on the right side), I could see Angles
fall from Heaven when this happened... it RULED.

It was nice to hear a mix of songs from most of the Slayer albums,
not just from Christ Illusion, and it seemed most people knew all
the songs. I was sad to see that MANSON was "headliner/last
to play), because it seems to me Slayer should have way more
seniority over them... But maybe Slayer wanted to play earlier so
they wouldn't miss their bed time.

Slayer fans are the COOLEST, during the show I saw a long Haired
Slayer fan get on stage, (don't know how he did that) tap Tom on the
the shoulder and give the thumbs up, grab a bass pick from the mic stand
put it in his mouth, and then stage dove to the crowd to skate security.

All in all this was one of the best shows I have seen, plenty
of Satanic Goats, Destruction, and HEAVY assed music.  As for
Manson... it was OK, they were MUCH better in 1994 when I saw
them open for White Zombie back in El Paso, Texas.


Beastie Boys: Greek Theater, Berkley August 25th

Another Great show, they were very tight and they kept it
new with different mixes/samples of there songs.  Being at
the concert makes you feel like listening to a new album
because of all the changes with the tunes. The Greek Theater
is a nice place with good sound, the only real cry ass is the
seats, they are hard rough ass concrete, and YES I was sitting,
I am getting old and didn't feel like "hanging" in the pit.


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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Tonight is the Night of SLAYER!




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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

by: Joey D. Ramirez

~Two for Tuesday~

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by: Joey D. Ramirez

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Thursday, August 2, 2007


Made by ME:

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