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Monday, February 28, 2005 just posted the offical date for the FULL Star Wars Revenge of the Sith trailer which is March 10th 2005 9PM. This reminds me of the time when I was downloading the first Episode 1 trailer.

MORNING 1998: Joey is franticly downloading the new SW Episode 1 trailer in a office which he is sharing with a fellow Systems Administrator “Bobby”. He has been downloading this for the past hour, and it was taking so long because didn’t think THIS many bandwidth Pirates would be downloading it. Bobby, on Instant messenger, is talking to his other Cyber Monkeys and finds out that's servers are being overloaded and not able to serve any more connections because of the hammering of TCPIP packets. Joey is very nervous watching the status display showing 79 percent because he knows if this disconnects he will not get to watch the trailer. Bobby then gets up to get a cup of coffee (I guess so he can watch the trailer and have a caffeine snack) and TRIPS on the Ethernet hub which disconnects Joey's ethernet cable and CUTS off Joey’s download at 98 PERCENT before completion! Joey is STEAMING UP but just keeps on trying to refresh in hope that he will be able to complete his download. He is not successful. Bobby then IM’s one of his Cyber Pyratez “Hoover” across Highway 101 who has just COMPLETED the download of Episode 1, and there is no response after Hoover says, “I just finished the download”… Hoover then types “ HOLY SH*T…OH MY GOD…JHC… HOOOOLY SH****T, DAMN THAT WAS BAD! Joey is about to BLOW HIS TOP cause he has not see ONE frame of this new Star Wars ALL because the last 2 percent of the download did not finish.

LATER AT “Windy City Pizza” FOR LUNCH: Joey runs to a table and sets up his Toshiba Tecra PII 300mhz 64mb of Ram and gets ready for the showing of the new Star Wars Trailer. For the first time Joey meets Hoover, a fellow Sys Admin that Loves Star Wars and can Air Guitar/Air Drum any and every Van Halen song with the same skillz as himself. In Joey’s eyes THIS is his hero at the moment and Bobby has made up for his blunder for introducing him to Hoover. Hoover hands Joey a CDR labeled “TRAILER B” with a shaking hand Joey SNATCHES it out of Hoover's hand (almost causing blisters on Hoovers Finger tips) and begins to snap it in his laptop CDROM. Hoover asks “Will that THING be able to play it?” Joey answers “YEAH it will it is a New Toshiba Tecra PII 300mhz 64mb of Ram and 4gig hard drive, I think it can handle it.” Joey, Bobby, and Hoover start to watch the trailer and with each second passing you can see tears building up ready to drip down there faces. With each rumble of sound you can see hairs on the backs of there necks stand up. Silence is all that is heard after the viewing of the trailer. They THEN go off on how cool it was, saying “ did you see.. and then… yeah that part, the sound made me get the chills and… Bobby, Hoover, and Joey finish off the afternoon with some pizza and walk into the Sunset knowing they have found true friendship for years to come. The End Offical Release Link

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