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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

In a one of my previous blogs I showed some of my Star Wars Loot that I got at a Midnight Star Wars Toy event. Here is a close up of one of those items.

Click Image for Large Size

This is Palpatine "LightSaber Attack!" with a BLUE lightsaber. Only the first run of this figure came with a BLUE light saber, now it comes with a RED one. Here is a link to the article at that shows the two variations. This is one reason that us collectors FLOCK to opening day of these figures cause we know we will get lucky with some first run variation, exclusive, or rarity. This isn't only KOOL for collectors it is also much more KOOL for George who will be getting MORE of my ca$h, cause I will also get the normal RED saber Palpatine... this is one never ending "hand George more of my BONEZ" circle.

I wish I could see the day when my Great Great Grand daughter or son takes all my plastic bins FILLED with star wars MOC (Mint On Card) figures to the Antiques RoadShow and ask how much they are worth. I know the person giving the appraisal will be DROOLING at all the RARE ones I have and will be shaking in his BOOTZ at the site of my BLUE SNAGGLETOOTH. Then my Great Great Grand daughter or son will tell the story of how I got that RARE figure at a Flea Market for $.50. THEN when the appraiser tells him or her how much it is worth I am sure they will answer with a "WOW and I thought these were just some useless unopened plastic toys. At this time you will see *STEAM* seep through the dirt from my grave.

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