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Thursday, September 25, 2003

Awwwsome posssum new hardware from dell, I am starting a donation for me. Please paypal me some money so I can get these and review them for my 0wn personal use. Thank you please drive through.

Below taken from

Dell DJ and Dell Music Store. The DJ is an MP3 player. The music store, however, is likely to get more attention, given the hotly debated issue of online music and popularity of Apple Computer’s iTunes music downloading service.
Dell Media Experience. This is a screen that can pop up on a Dell monitor on top of Windows, so it would be the first screen a Dell PC user would see. Microsoft for years prevented computer companies from doing this. Dell is aiming to make Media Experience an easy way for users to find music, photos, connections to radio stations and other media without having to open other programs or search Windows’ file system.
New wireless-capable versions of Dell’s Axim handheld computer. As an example of Dell’s clout, within two quarters of launching its first handheld, Dell grabbed 36% of the market.

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