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Thursday, 28 August 2003

This is the coolest toy I have seen in a long time, I hope there will be a way to put my own video on them.  They should release the codec, there are already mini cdr disks that would fit in it.  I want one only $50 bucks for the player:

The VIDEONOW player is the ultimate, portable personal video player -- just for kids! It’s instant, on-the-go entertainment with no wires to hook up and nothing to download or install. Just pop in a disc and enjoy up to thirty minutes of your favorite shows in black and white --like American Idol, Spongebob Squarepants, Fairly Odd Parents, and, coming soon, "A Day in My Life by Hilary Duff."

The VIDEONOW personal video player comes complete with a special sampler VIDEONOW personal videodisc featuring over a half dozen excerpts from some of today’s most popular programs.

Each circular, eighty-five millimeter VIDEONOW disc contains up to thirty minutes of uninterrupted content. VIDEONOW discs feature a special proprietary format and will not fit into or play on other media players.

The VIDEONOW player is four inches by six inches with a black and white LCD screen that features sixteen levels of grayscale, contains 80 by 80 pixels and measures 1.7 by 1.3 inches, resulting in quality picture.



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