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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Finally we will see THIS SCENE

in Star Wars ON DVD.

Looks like I will be dishing out more ca$h to George to get the REAL versions
of Star Wars on DVD.  I am glad he is reversing THIS WORK he did on Star Wars

and put them BACK the way I remember them AND the way they should be.

I do have a question... will he make the WIDESCREEN DVD header, footer and Binding
GOLD to match Episodes 1-3, or will he RUIN me ONCE again and make them SILVER.

I have a BAD FEELING ABOUT THIS that GEORGE will make them some other color
just to PISS me Off.  And I bet when he does that he will be sitting in his chair
at Skywalker Ranch, licking his fingers while he counts his cash, giggling like
Palpatine saying "You, Want, This..."

ALL I want is my DAMN collection to MATCH... OHH MAN, maybe his plan is to make them
Silver Again... then RE-RELEASE Episodes 1-3 in SILVER so they match... JUST to FORCE
me to buy them again.  Man this is a never ending circle of Cash in Georges Pawz.

Link to News of Release of DVD:

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