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Friday, October 21, 2005


I was browsing a website that had pictures and descriptions of toys from the 1970's / 1980's and it had the above Tonka truck.  I remember playing with that truck, which to some was called and indestructible truck. But to my brother and I, it was FUN FUN FUN DESTRUCTOFUN! We had two trucks, one was the above dump truck and the other was some type of Tonka wrecker type truck.  We would have our trucks facing each other about 1 foot away, then we would start to BASH the HECK out of them like two RAMS fighting each other.  First the plastic windows would go, then bumpers and lights, and then one of our fingers or hands would get crushed or cut.  We would then stop and recover, and start again on the bashing.  We would bash them till the front of the trucks looked like they fell off of a 100 story building.  BUT NO that was not enough for our trucks! OH NO... we would grab some bricks (yes we had loose bricks in the back yard that my dad had) and start to crush any part of the truck that was not bent or in normal condition. After we got board with that, we would get some hammers (my brother would get the good hammer the one that was all metal and had a rubber handle) and we would make these trucks look "battle damaged". I will never forget the day that my dad found us "playing" with our trucks, and saying "HOW did you DO that to a TONKA Truck" with a very disappointed look on his face. My dad didn't have many toys when he was a kid, so I guess we just looked like mean, ungrateful, destructive kids. We had a lot of fun with our Tonka trucks, and we made them look like they came from the Star Wars universe, by adding some "battle damage" to them. We finally got rid of the trucks once we broke the tires off... they had some good times.  I never though our version of "playing with our Tonka trucks" was unusual until I started to talk to my friends about it. I wish I still had my old Tonka truck, so I could see the piece of art that my brother and I created.


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