By Joey D. Ramirez


Here is an iPOD stand made from a DAT tape case

How it was made.
My TEXAN roots show through on this invention. I have had my iPod (original)for a while and finally was going to break down and buy a stand. I wanted a stand so I could view what was playing with out having to lift it up or move from my desk. I wanted one similar to a PDA stand, I went to ebay and there were a couple, BUT they were $20-$29 BUCKS!!! Being the cheap sysadmin I though HMM how can I make one my self. I went looking for parts and found an old DAT tape case, rubber "feet" stickers (not used from speakers), and a stapler. I opened the case, stapled it open, put the rubber feet on it (so the staples don't scratch the ipod), then put a label (so people don't always ask what it is). BLAMMO!!! There it is, a FREE iSTAND that is compatible with the original and new ipod. If you want a white paper PDF file on how to make this, send me an email and PayPal me $19.99.

Step construction pictures along with finished product.
DAT tape case --- Open DAT case --- Front view of iSTAND --- Finished iSTAND ---

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