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 Chocolate Fudge - Easy
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Posted - 12/20/2016 :  13:28:30  Show Profile

Chocolate Chips - 3-12 Ounce Packages
Butter - 1 Cup (2 Sticks)
Marshmallow Cream - 1-7 Ounce Jar
Granulated Sugar - 4 1/2 Cups
Evaporated Milk - 1-12 Ounce Can
Vanilla - 2 Teaspoons
Nuts Chopped (Optional) - 2 Cups


1. Grease a 9 X13 inch baking dish. Set aside.
2. In a mixing bowl combine chocolate chips, melted butter and marshmallow cream. Set aside.
3. Heat sugar and evaporated milk an extra large, heavy bottom saucepan, over medium heat and bring to a
rolling boil. Continue to boil 7 minutes, stirring continuously.
4. Pour the sugar/milk mixture over chocolate mixture and stir vigorously until smooth. Stir in vanilla and nuts.
Pour into prepared pan and refridgerate until set (overnight is best).

Recipe Notes:

In order to get clean, smooth cuts from your finished fudge, donít try to cut it right out of the refrigerator. Instead, let it sit until itís gotten all the way to room temperature before cutting.

Pots and Pans:
Itís very important to remember to lightly butter the sides of your saucepan. As you work with that ooey, gooey fudge goodness, having a little grease on the sides of the pan can give you some extra confidence that the mixture wonít stick to your pan. Plus, using butter gives it a great little buttery flavor!

I use a Dutch oven to boil the sugar and evaporated milk, but thatís not absolutely required. I do it because itís the largest high-sided pan I own. Itís the largeness that is key. As the mixture heats up and boils it expands. If you donít have a large enough high-sided panÖ well, no one wants a hot, sticky mess all over the stove and kitchen. Plus, having on overflow like that could seriously burn you. Make sure to use the largest high-sided pan you own!

The recipe makes a large batch of fudge (5 pound batch). When youíre working with that amount of fudge, getting it to come out of the baking dish easily is incredibly important. I suggest you grease the baking dish lightly with butteróthis isnít a job for plain olí nonstick cooking spray.

Another alternative would be to make a sling out of aluminum foil. This possibility is attractive for a few reasons:

You can remove the entire 5-pound slab in one piece for easier cutting.

You can make sturdy handles of foil.

You can use nonstick cooking sprayófor some reason the fudge doesnít seem to stick to the foil as badly as it does to the baking dish.

To make the sling, line the baking dish with a double layer of aluminum foil. Overlap the narrow edges be a few inches. (This overlapped part will become your handles

When you finally combine the milk/sugar mixture with the melted chocolate mixture try to work as quickly as you can. The fudge starts setting sooner than you think it will, and you want it to remain as soft and malleable as possible to get it in the pan.

This also applies to the rest of the added ingredients. Have your nuts chopped and all the rest of the ingredients ready and measured before you actually start making the fudge. If you take too much time measuring and such as your working, the fudge may start to set before youíve got everything in place!

Some people use fudges recipes with cocoa powder instead of chocolate chips. I find that the fudge doesnít end up as creamy in powder is used, partially because the melted chips do so much to help achieve that awesome final texture.

It might seem odd to see a note about weather in a recipe, but actually the overall humidity can really affect your final product with this easy chocolate fudge recipe. Try to make your fudge on a dry day. If thereís too much humidity, your fudge can have a more sugary texture rather than that creamy, smooth texture weíre going for.

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