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Topic Mini Cooper Window Gets Stuck Fix 2002 - 2006 
Author Beavis Christ 
Date Created 10/12/2012 1:56:24 PM 
Message If your Mini's driver side window gets stuck and will not go down and also doesn't seem to seal when you close it, this fix should work for you. This is more of a band-aid than a real fix. But it should work.

No window motor sound.
Window gets stuck closed, will not go down.
Window doesn't seal at the top when you close the door.
Window doesn't do the "down up" motion when you close the door, and doesn't seal.


Hold the window switch down and hit the door hard about halfway between the door handle and the speaker. Then let go of the switch and try it.

Tried on a 2004 Mini Cooper Driver side door.

Read about this from this article:
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